The final scene (including “Our Time”), from the 2013 West End revival of Merrily We Roll Along, performed by Mark Umbers, Jenna Russell, Matthew Barrow (u/s).

Listen and cry.

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While I have a limited collection of fun things like this to add to the internet, I do have bits of fun to share.  Like the amazing Ms. Kelli O’Hara singing “Glitter and be gay.” 

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julie andrews and carol burnett as tony hosts 2k15

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If you didn’t know what made the sisters special before you saw this commercial, would you be able to figure it out? (And would you be intrigued enough to buy a ticket?)

if I didn’t know the show, I would think it was about fancy incestuous sisters from this commercial.

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ramblingdaniel asked me to list 15 things that make me happy. Tagging calculatedmadness, empresspenguin, itsdlevy, and br0k3nass. No pressure if you don’t feel like it though, guys!

  1. Talking with ramblingdaniel and realizing how scarily similar we are.
  2. Seeing a show that I wish wouldn’t end (happens with decreasing frequency as I age…).
  3. Snuggling with my handsome cat, Bear.
  4. Tech week, where everything and everyone comes together.
  5. Lazing in the sun reading an excellent book.
  6. Sleeping.
  7. The National Theatre.
  8. Movie musical marathon singalongs with great friends.
  9. Traveling.
  10. Meeting new people.
  11. The 48 cent bin at the Strand.
  12. Max Brenner’s chocolate shots.
  13. Cider with blackcurrant.
  14. Wiener schnitzel and spaetzle.
  15. My venus fly trap, Audrey III.
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Nashville 3x02 “How Far Down Can I Go” Promotional Photos [x]
Nashville 3x02 “How Far Down Can I Go” Promotional Photos [x]
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I don’t understand people who don’t like the movie The Sound Of Music

like, go back into hibernation and jerk off to anguished woody allen quotes, you joy-devouring primate

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